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It was at the reading of his will where things got interesting. Seemed my Uncle Hank had a dark side.
The room we sat in was small. Just enough room to fit a small dinner table and six chairs. We were so close I could smell the alcohol on my brother's breath. The red carpet was stained with black blotches and reeked of mildew.
He had one last request at the reading of his will. He had a few secrets I supposed he had to get off his chest.
We all looked at each other in shock when we found out.
Everybody has skeletons in their closet and he sure had his share of his. Rattling bones and all.
Skulls must've been dangling in his mind the entire time and I'm sure he heard the creepy music in his head at times when he slept.
My older sister sat there smacking on her gum. She is well into her fifties now and still hasn't been married. She has been with this same guy who promised to marry her for nearly thirty years. As far as I know he's still jobless.
Of course I know the truth about him. He's been mooching off my sister this whole time and that's okay cause there ain't nothing I can do about it.
She waits patiently and hopes she is going to get some money. That is the only reason she is there.
My other brother, from another mother, Mike is there as well. He's had six wives and had cheated on every one of them. He also liked to smack every one of them around.
He's always had a nasty temper.
My mother and father of course have moved on and took up residence at the Pine Lawn Cemetery. It's a good thing they aren't her to see how my sisters turned out. I'm sure they're probably watching this from up above somewhere. I don't say heaven cause I'm really not sure it even really exist and isn't something that has just been made up the entire time.
Both of them are just there hoping to get some money and move on. They never care for him and I told them so.
They both shot me evil grins.
The fella reading the will opened the box and took out the piece of paper. He asked if everybody was ready and made sure we prepared ourselves and that he wasn't sure how this was going to pan out.
He glanced at the paper and his eyes widened.
Then it looked like he was going to feel sick at his stomach. He took a couple gulps of water.
“You folks ready for this?”
“Ready as I'll ever be,” my sister said.”
He took a couple deep breaths. “Okay then. Lets get on with it. “Your Uncle Hank left one of you ten million dollars.”
There were gasps from all of us. None of us had any idea he had that much money. “Is this a joke?” I asked.
He shook his head. “No. I'm afraid not.”
“You said only one of us,” My brother said.
“That's right.”
My sister smacked her gum and twirled a lock of hair around her finger. “So which one of us is it?”
“This is where it gets odd.”
“We're listening,” I said.
He removed a game board from the box with dice.
“He wants us to play a game?” My sister asks.
“That's right.”
My brother got this irritated look on his face. “You gotta be kidding me.”
“I'm afraid I'm not.”
“The winner take the money?” My brother asks.
“That's right.”
He clapped his hands together. “Well, lets get on with it.”
Myself. I wasn't so fast to jump right on in. I could only imagine what Uncle Hank had in store for us all. He had a very sick sense of humor. A very sick man. Very sick.
He read through the rules which were very simple. Each person takes a turn and rolls. The highest roller gets to draw a card and go first. You rad the card and do what it says.
“That's it?” Mys sister says.
“Oh, I'm sure it gets better,” I said.
She rolls her eyes. “Whatever.”
The director order his assistant to lock the door. He stood in front of it with his arms crossed. He then orders the goon to put the pieces on the table
He goes in another room and comes out with a large box. He opens it and removes a chainsaw and puts it on the table. An ax, a met cleaver, a very large meat tenderizer.
“What is going on here?” my brother asks.
I was wondering some of this myself. I was regretting coming here in the first place. Obviously, none of us had any choice so I thought I might as well deal with it.
“There is no escape ,” the director said. “The game goes on till there is only one of you.”
“Ooooooo,” my brother said. He waved his hands.
“Are we ready?”
“Let's go for it,” I said.
We all roll and I ended up with the highest roll. I draw a card.
“Chop off any leg of your choice with this ax.”
“My sister's eyes widened. “What?”
“This is insane,” My brother said. He looks at the director. “You can't be serious. I'm outta here.”
He gets up to walk out but the director's big beefy assistant pushes him back down in his seat.
Naturally, I'm excited about this because I know exactly who's going to get whacked.
“You have only two minutes to decide and only five minutes to do the deed or another player gets to draw.”
That didn't seem like enough time to me but okay.
So, I chose my brother. I've never liked him anyway. He always picked on me when we were little and he still does to this day. The comments he makes from across the table. The smirks.
He must've crapped his pants that moment cause the room smelled like one big fart and I'm pretty sure that if we were to check his shorts he would've had a little something extra in there.
My sister was crying.
I was glad, though. They were about to get what they had coming to them. For the first time in their lives they were all in a situation they were not able to control.
Delighted, I grabbed the ax as the card instructed.
“Noooooo,” My brother yelled.
“I give an evil grin something like what Jack Nicholson did in the shining. Causer right now I'm fixin' to really enjoy myself.
The big goon fella holds him down and bares his leg. “Sorry, Bro,” I said. “Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.”
He knew he had it coming to him.
I wipe the part of his leg and take steady aim on his leg.
The ax comes down. I only sliced not even halfway though his leg.
He screams.
I chop his leg again. And again. Bones and gristle flying up. Specks of blood splattering my face.
This is so awesome.
With a few more whacks his foot falls to the floor as blood spurts from the wound like a gushing fountain.
My sister was the next to draw. Her hands shakes as she picks up the card.
“What? I can't do that.”
The director sighs heavily and says, “Any player not willing to go through with the acts as stated on the card will be eliminated.
There's the sound of a sliding click and a clack as Good chambers a round in the shotgun.
My sister picks up the cutting instrument and put the point in the corner of her eye.
I could feel the pain myself. I was really enjoying watching this.
Blood oozing out form the tip of the cutting tool. A rivulet of blood streaks down the side of her cheek.
The tip goes deeper and deeper.
She's screaming bloody murder at this point.
Good standing by watching her with his shotgun. I can tell by the look on his face he is itching to put a slug though her head.
Then PLOP.
Her eye pops out.
Her hand cups her eye as she gasps and groans.
Next was a my brother's turn to draw. He manages to get a grin at me. “You just wait. You're gonna get what you got coming to ya.”
He draws.
“What? No way. It can't expect me to skip a turn when he chops off my leg and she plucks her own eye out. I'm drawing.”
The director lets out with an irritating sigh. “I'm afraid you can't do that. Break the rules and you will be eliminated.”
“But he chopped off my leg and what she did with her eye. You really expect me to skip a turn and let him do God knows what?”
“Rules are rules. Sorry.”
So I draw my card.
Which was my sister.
My brother stands up. Forgets he now has only one leg and falls down. “This is insane.”
Hands shaking and crying my sister put her hands on the table and I start a pounding.
I could hear her bones crushing. Blood splattering. I could see the tenderizer teeth marks on her hands.
I pound and pound. I'm enjoying every bit of this.
My sister pleads for me to stop.
But the more she cries and begs the more it turns me on. I continue my pounding. God, I can't even begin to tell you how long over due this was.
My brother curses me and grabs for the chainsaw which was his demise. Because the goon had no choice but to scatter his brains all over the place.
My sister at this time was in no condition to argue with anybody and just wanted out. She told me I could have it all. Take all the money. All she wanted right now as an ambulance to get her to the hospital which the director was more than happy to oblige.
I do have to admit, I was enjoying the game immensely. I'd hate to think that any of those thing would have to be done to me but the excitement was exhilarating at best.
But I was curious. It was ind deed my brother's turn and he was too fool to take it. I couldn't resist.
I had to know.
I picked up the card that would've been his.
Which obviously would've been me.
I guess one could say it was my lucky day. I look at his lifeless form lying on the table. His eyes still open and full of shock. To think that his temper really did get the best of him after all. And this was one time it worked to my advantage.

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