Sunday, July 16, 2017



Truth is, these are not nice people I work for here. You won't think so either.
The building floats high in the sky. It moves constantly from one place to the other. Never in the same place. I find it by honing in on a signal that is installed in my corporate car. I have to wear my corporate clothes. Use corporate gas. Talk corporate talk. Hang out with corporate folks which is never fun. I have to walk the corporate way and comb my hair by corporate standards. I have to eat corporate food, which is never good.
Just another day in corporate land working for a bunch of nothing heads who think I should sell my soul and pledge my undying allegiance to this company. Which, in a way I did.
I've never been one to conform to such things which is why I was placed in the incinerator room burning humans.
So, what did I do?
I broke corporate rules and spoke and called them bad names behind their backs and some brown noser who I thought was my friend but was striving for a corporate position I didn't know about ratted me out so he could become a supervisor and get out of the incinerator room. That's how they get those jobs by stabbing others in the back.
They bring the bodies in by the ship load and me and a couple other guys like me shove them in the furnace.
The goal of this place is to capture as many humans as humanly possible and destroy Earth. I'm thinking, haven't there been enough planets trying to do that.
The bodies are bloated and heavy when they come in. Their mouths open wide and sometimes I can still hear them screaming.
“Looks like another nasty day,” my co worker said.
“Busy one at that,” I said.
“You think we'll ever get out of this place?”
“I don't think so. I think we're going to die here.”
“The corporation would love that.”
“They would.”
He helps me lift a body of a fat man who is now even fatter and boy does he smell.
“Still can't get used to that smell,” he said.
“Neither can I.”
“And we've been doing this a long time.”
“Too long.”
He grabs the ankles and I grab the shoulders and we swing the fat man inside the burning pit.
His flesh crinkles, snaps and pops and distorts like plastic. Eyes pop out of his head. We cover our ears as the brain explodes with a loud pop.
“Ready for the next one?” I said.
“Ready as I'll eve be.”
The next one was a young girl who couldn't have been no more than eight. I look at her face, her long pretty hair and she is still holding her dolly. “Such a shame.”
'These people don't care who they get.”
“Not at all.”
She is small enough so he grabs her himself and tosses her in. We watch as her dolly catches fire first and melts.
Every ten minutes one of the supervisors come down to make sure we are working and not dilly-dallying.
We worked day and night. There is never enough time in a day or do they keep track of time. Time doesn't exist here.
There are no clocks.
No TV. You don't hear any news or anyting that has to do with the outside world. They send us home when there doesn't seem to be any more to do and call us in when its time to come in.
“Ever think about working your way up to the corporate offices?” he asked.
“I heard they make ore money and have freedom.”
“I heard that too.”
“Sometimes I think I would like that.”
“That place is for backstabbers and sharks.”
“Sometimes I think I'm doing something wrong cause when I look at them they are the one that seem to be making all the money and living the good life.
“That's no good life,” I said.
We continued shoving the bodies in the burner. I watched him knowing that one day he was going to crack. Eventually he was going to become one of them. It was only a matter of time. He couldn't seem to understand that we are more free down here than they are up there.
I know one day this building is going to collide with another corporation even larger and is going to crumble.
Then, I will be free.

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