Saturday, July 15, 2017



Sammy didn't have a clue what he was doing there or how he go there for that matter. The place was pit in the center of his yard. He was standing there for one minute admiring the nice day without rain. Listening to the birds. Watching the children playing in the street.
Then he sunk down into the pit.
The pit circled around and around. There were worms moving all around which made feel sticky.
“What are you doing down there?” It was a boy who looked to be around nine.
“I fell. Can you help me up?”
“I can't.”
“Why not.”
“It's too deep.”
“Got a rope?”
“Hold on a second.”
He waited and waited. Finally the boy came back with a rope that looked weak and worn and was very thin.
“Grab this.”
“This isn't going to work. It's not strong enough.”
“Just try.”
“I don't have to try. Trust me.”
“I'll tie it off at this tree.”
Not having a choice he jerked the rope and made sure it was tight. He didn't have much choice but to give it a try.
The rope broke just as he figured and he fell back to the ground..
“Will you go get your mom or dad or somebody?”
“Hold on a second.”
Great. The boy is going to be gone another two hours. He took a deep breath and tried to relax. If he ever got his hands on that boy he was going to choke him for sure.
The boy never came back.
Then dark came.
He could see bats flying around out there. He could hear the crickets chirping.
He tried screaming but nobody seemed to hear him.
He never liked that boy from the very beginning. Didn't like the way he looked and hated the way he talked, That particular boy was always causing trouble in the neighborhood. Looking in cars and house windows when he thought nobody was watching. But he was watching. He kept his eye on that boy. That boy probably wants him good and dead.
He sat in the hole all night till morning came.
Later two boys came by.
“Look. A man is in the hole.”
“O, goodie,” another said.
“Bout time.”
Rocks hit him in the head. The face. One got him in his eye.
“Stop it! Stop it!”
The boys giggled.
“I said stop it!”
“What you going to do bout it?”
“Watchya guys doing?” It was a woman's voice.
He thought, finally, an adult who can get me out of this.
The woman was pretty. She lived three houses down. He'd seen her out a lot on her afternoon walks.
“Oh, look. You have a man.”
“Hello,” she said.
“I'm so glad you can help me.”
“Oh,it's no problem.”
“I've been in here all night.”
“I can see that.”
“I can't tell you enough how glad I am you're here.”
“Good job boys,” she said.
“Thanks, Nana.”
“You may need to get some help. This hole is kinda deep.”
“Oh, I know. It is very deep. I can hardly see you.”
The was sinking. He could see her getting further and further away as she looked down at him.
Three more days passed. He was still there in the hole.
The a full week.
He became hungry and so he ate the worms because he knew they were loaded with protein and that's what moles eat to keep them full of energy so they can dig.
An entire month passed and he was still there.
Every once in a while somebody would stop by and look down in the hole and say hi to him.
Everyone said they would be back.
Nobody ever came back and when they did it was always somebody different.
Some would laugh at him. Poke fun. Call him names. The he realized this is what his life had been reduced to,
A year passed.
Then two.
Then three.
He ate nothing but worms.
All the while the world around him was changing. Houses were knocked down and refurbished. Bulldozers cleaning old rubble.
He listed to the children as they grew older. Voices getting deeper. Then he heard the voices of their kids playing in the street. The sounds of the cars getting louder.
Every once in a while one of the kids would stop by and say hi. It was like he were their own little town pet.
His hair turned long and gray. Fingernails long and dirty. His teeth rotten and fallen out. Skin crisp and scaly. His clothes rot and fell off in long strands.
Every once in a while somebody would stop by and check up on him. They laughed and poked fun.
His tongue had become swollen because of a bacteria infection. His gut as large as a basketball. His elbows and knees crooked and disjointed.
“Look what I found , daddy,” a boy said.
He was one of the older boys youngest son.
“I see that.”
'What is it?”
“I don't know. Just leave it alone,”

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