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Now , this one is a sick story. I have no idea how I came up with this one but I did.  This one is a bit extreme so caution. If you get queasy easily you may want to pass on this one. I surprised myself with this.  I didn't know I was such a sick and twisted writer.
Who am I kidding.
Of course I knew.



Chucky was feeling exceptionally horny that day. It's been a long time since he had his fix.
Not sex. Sex was out of the question and caused too many problems. His friend, Janet showed him how he could have the similar experience and even better.
Wow was it something,
First it started with a few love taps.
A couple whacks with the hammer to the hand. Not enough to break the bones, at least not at first, but enough to leave a good bruise and a painful hand for a week or so.
Then it was the smack me in the head with a 2x4. The feeling of his head throbbing filled him with ecstasy. Blood dripping off the wood.
“Yes, baby. That was awesome.”
“Want another?”
“Hit me up , baby. “
“I bet you want it harder.”
“Oh, I like it harder.”
“I bet you do, you prick.”
“What did you call me?”
“You heard me. Now shut your mouth and take your beating like a man.”
WHACK.... WHACK..... WHACK....
“Oh, God that hurts.”
“You're such a wuss.”
“My head feels like a basketball.”
“Looks like one too.”
After that things got boring real quick. It got to the point he wanted a real good beating. Done by a professional.
“I know just the place,” she said. “This guy will beat you to a pulp, gut you like a fish and make you take a bath in your guts. How you like them apples?”
“Oh, man. That sounds too good to be true.”
“We'll go tonight.”
“What's this place called?”
“That, my friend is a secret.”


The pace she took him was underground. Below the sewers and it smelled like it too. Rats ran along the walls, squealing.
She banged on the door three times.
“Secret code?” he asked.
“It's the password.”
The slide on the door opened and two eyes stared back them. The slide closed and the door opened.
A large beefy giant of a man motioned for them to come in, Maggots dripped from his swollen lips.
A flashing strobe light lit up the dark room. People dressed in leather and whips, painted faces.
A cacophony of screeching guitars. Screaming. Yelling. Punching.
Whips snapping.
Leather on skin,
Flesh smacking flesh.
A couple in the corner sucked on each others necks.
Flesh tearing.
“Whatdaya think?” she asks.
“This is great.”
“Is it what you expected?”
“More than I expected.”
“That's good right?”
“Real good. Just what the doctor ordered.”
“Someone call a doctor?”
Woman dressed in scrubs and wearing a face mask danced in front of him. Blood dripping from the chunks of flesh on her apron.
He was certain he recognized those blue eyes. There was a tiny tattoo of a scull and cross whips on her neck.
Everybody he looked at had it.
Even Janet. All these years he'd known her it never occurred to him to ask her what it was about.
Now he knew.
“They all know your a virgin,” she told him. “They're going to show you a good time tonight. I hope you're ready for this.”
“I'm ready he said.”
“The doctor has some medicine for you,” the doc said. “Come this way.”
She gave him a pill and told him to take it.
He saw Janet taking the other one and watched her go off into a another room with some guy dressed as an exterminator. So, he thought it must be okay.
He followed her into a large room. It looked like a hospital room.
A secret room.
She pushed him on the hospital bed. Tied him to it.
By now the medicine had kicked in and she was nothing but a blur. A wave of dizziness overtook him. He felt like he was asleep but he was fully aware of his surroundings.
Calm as a leaf floating on a log.
She danced around the room to the music. Her head swaying. Hips rotating rythymitcally as she untied her smock,
It dropped to the floor.
Never in his life had he seen such a beautiful woman. Such a fine figure. A tattoo of a snake crawled up her leg with his mouth between her legs. It appeared to be moving.
“The doctor is going to do you up good tonight. Just like you ordered. Doctor is going to make you feel real good.”
She pushed a button on the wall. The room filled with the hum of a motor coupled with the smell of oil.
A large saw blade big enough to cut him in two came down.
Lower. She pulled the lever.
He could feel the wind from the blade on his chest as she continued to lower it.
It was so low it was scraping his chest. Blood dripping from the points.
“Feel the burn, baby,” she said. “Feel the burn.”
“Daddy feels the burn,” he said.
He didn't know what she was going to do. Was she going to cut him in two. Or was she going to let him live?
That was the exhilarating part,
He felt the blade cutting into his ribcage.
Heart beating out of control.
The blade sinking deeper and deeper. Bone and gristle flying off the points. The blade lifted revealing the large crater in his chest.
He watched her reach in and scoop out a hand full of his organs. Pulled out his heart. Liver and spleen.
Showed it to him.
She lowered her mask and smiled,
She was beautiful. Red glossy lipstick. Her lips sinking into his spleen as she took a bite.
As weird as it seemed he was feeling good. This wasn't hurting at all. He could feel her hands digging around under his rib cage,
She was killing him slowly.
Is this what it's like to die?
If it did, he never wanted to come back.
The door opened. Three more women came in. All were naked. All of them had long black hair and beautiful bodies.
A feeling of elation came over him as they dug into his ribcage.
Climbing on top of him.
Skins smacking on skins.
Flesh smacking flesh.
Slurping and sucking like a pack of feral cats licking up his blood.
Then all went dark.


He saw Janet's face when he woke. He was lying on the hospital bed. “Well?”
“Well what?”
“What did ya think?”
“I don't know. It was weird.”
She giggled. “I know. I felt the same way my first time I was being killed.”
“I'm alive?”
“Of course silly. You think I would let them keep you dead?”
“I didn't know that's what you were talking about. If I'd known that....”
“You wouldn't have come.”
“You're right.”
“Kinda a creepy ha?”
“Yeah. Kinda felt like I was in my own world. It's weird to say this. It felt really good letting them dig around inside me.”
“Better than any sex you've ever had?”
“It was awesome.”
“Well, let me help you up. Don't worry bout that scar on your chest. All scars made here heal quickly. Tomorrow you won't even notice it. Let's get outta here and get some breakfast.”
“Denny's sound nice.”
“Sounds good to me. This sounds weird but I would kill for some liver and onions about now.”
“You've got the munchies. We all get the munchies after one of these nights. I must gain an extra fifteen pounds after one of these. I'm so hungry I could eat the butt hole out of a skunk.”
“That's pretty hungry.”
“Yuo're telling me.”
They left the room and walked down the hallway. Each room had its own special activity.
Some fat dude was getting slapped int the face with his severed pecker by a nurse.
A woman was getting nails pounded all over her body by a construction worker.
A girl who looked like a teenager was getting pounded in the face with a gavel by a woman dressed like a judge.
Somebody who was unrecognizable was getting eaten by a pack of wild dogs.
The next room he heard cracking and popping sounds as some dude was getting his arms and legs broken.
“Don't look at all the rooms,” she said.
“Why. I'm curious. Can't help it.”
“Cause if you know everything that goes on around here it ruins the surprise.”
“I suppose you're right. I sure do like my surprises.”
“You'll like'm even more now. I suppose it really doesn't matter that much. They're always changing things up around here.”
“Oh yeah. Can't wait to come back tomorrow.”
“Smile.” She snaps a picture of him. “Gotta have a picture of the first time you were killed. “Say bloody cheese.”
He smiled. “Bloody cheese.”
“You look so handsome. How do ya feel now since you did it?”
“More alive now than I ever was.”
“That's the idea.”
“I wonder how I wanna die tomorrow. I can't make up my mine.”
“That my friend, is the surprise.”

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