Sunday, December 18, 2016


Been a while since I said anything on here so I figured it was about time to get back at it. I stay pretty consistent at the fiction writing part but I severely lack on the regular blog posting. Which I should get on here from time to time and let you know what's going on,

So, what's going on?

Lots of stuff really. First off I have a story in an awesome anthology brought to you by JEA Publications called Rejected For Content #5 Edited by Jim Goforth called 'Dead End Job' These are all stories that are of course rejected on the sole basis of their content. As I've been told all the stories are well written but tend to sit a little heavy for some people. Here is what that one looks like.

Rejected for Content 5: Sanitarium by [Pratt, Essel, Eyenot, Toneye, Sgalambro, David, Romero, Evan, Carlyle, Howard, Leney, Mark, Hughes, David Owain, Cervo, RD, Lane, J.L.]

Another thing. If you've been following my short story writing challenge of a story a day for a year based on Micheal Arnzen's book of  Instigation prompts. Well, that didn't go away. I'm still working through them I just no longer post them. Some of these have been submitted. In fact, the story in the anthology above was written from one of his prompts. I get great fun out of taking a prompt and twisting it like a pretzel then I pile it up with more of the horrific. Anything can be done this way.  I started the challenge out with a story a day and got about to number 50 when I realized my writing was taking off to a whole new direction. Some wanted to be longer. Some shorter. When I write I let the story be what it wants to be and don't force it. It is what it is. But I'll be making more posts about them as well.

Also I have a small three story collection of Cut'm up Tales available on amazon for 0.99. And soon will be on Barnes and Noble and some others distributors as well.

CUT'M  UP TALES by [Ridge, Christopher]

Till then be sure to read a lot of sick stuff.  Happy reading

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