Saturday, August 20, 2016


This was a different prompt. This one was to write about a woman discovering a lump on her breast. What is it?


Sue just checked her beast out yesterday. Now, something is there.
Inside her breast.
She could feel it go thump and felt the bump inside just on the underneath.
“Feel this,” she told her one night stand named Andy. At least she thought his name was Andy. It was late and almost closing time and he seemed to be the most desperate. She was exceptionally horny. Andy was a big boy but she liked'm that way.
Andy smiled. Always up for that kind of challenge. “Of course.”
“Squeeze right here.”
“You know this is starting to get me excited.”
“Not today. We have other issues.” She guided his hand on the lower part of her breasts. “Feel that?”
Giving it another honk honk this time a foul odor emitted from the nipple. It smelt like boiled eggs left out in the July summer heat which reminded him of his grandfather's farts.
She felt it go thump. Saw the expression his face and could tell he felt it too.
“What do you think that is?”
“I don't know. Should get it checked out.”
She felt it move inside her. Next the whole left breasts jiggled, throbbed like a beating heart. She could hear it go.. Thump Thump... Thump Thump... Thump Thump....
The one thing she was afraid of the most was cancer. Her mother died of breasts cancer two years ago and always warned her about it running in the family. She wouldn't have thought that much of it but her grandmother died of the same thing and so did her mother and so on and so forth.
The breast jiggled even more as if it were a bowl of jelly.
It screamed.
Andrew jumped back. “What the...?”
“Told you somthin's wrong.”
“Definitely need to get that checked out.”
The breast moved and shook violently. “Something's in there.”
Veins popped out from the top of the breast as if she were stricken with a bad case of varicose veins.
It grew and grew.
She had cantaloupe breasts before now they're watermelon shape. It reminded Andrew of some old school aunt Jemima looking woman.
Pulsating in short rapid successions.
The things looked like they were about to explode and he pictured the new sofas coated with rotten thick sludgy milk.
“We're gig to have to get you to a doctor.”
The pulsing grew louder.
Veins popping out of the breast, breaking through the skin. Long tendrils elongated from the pores busting through the walls of the breasts.
Tendrils waving in the air.
“What is that thing?”
Sue tried to cover her breast as if she were attempting to stop them. There was no stopping them.
They were like snakes slivering out of their cave for the first time. Hissing. Spraying breast milk at him.
He covered his face.
Crying cause the milk burned. Pussy blisters formed on his face. They wrapped themselves around his neck.
Squeezing with the grips of a boa constrictor,
His face turning red, grabbing at the slimy tendril trying to tear it away.
Sue screaming for it to stop.
The tendrils squeezed tighter.
His fingers fumbled for the pocket knife in his pocket, found it, had it in his hand then dropped it on the floor,
By then the tendrils had him swinging in the air, slapping him against the wall as if he were a rag doll.
Blood splattering on the wall as it, swinging him back and forth slamming him on the floor with a thunderous splat.
They wrapped themselves around his face like a octopus.
Sucking. Snorting.
The sound of twigs snapping, crackling as the thing ate at his face sucking his brains as a mosquito sucks blood.
His feet kicked at the floor. Slipping, sliding as he fought out his last breath.
More tendrils came out of the breast cave, grabbed the rest of him pulling him inside. His feet leaving a trail of blood in their wake as they pulled him in.

Sue's breasts went back to their normal cantaloupe size. She was able to tuck them back in under her bras for safe keeping. At least till it was time for their next meal.

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