Sunday, August 14, 2016

STORY #32 Update

This prompt was to write about a mirror or a door that appears in the middle of nowhere. If you've read enough stories you'll know this is no new idea and it appears several times over in horror and science fiction, yet it still never gets old. This one is a western type tale about a farmer and his son protecting their farm against aliens. They never see these creatures and yet Pa and his son Stan are determined to catch them in the act. And just in case you haven't noticed I am all over the place when I write. I don't set out to write horror or science fiction, it just comes out that way. Mostly because I never know what I'm going to write till I sit down and do it. I've never been much of a planner, never have been, never will be, I've tried to do the planning thing and spent months on an outline but when I sat down to write I went my own way. I've learned over time and with the help of some other professional writers to train myself to let the creative side of my brain take control of the story. This takes practice. Lots and lots of practice which is also the reason for writing all these stories. As  a writer you have to learn to get out of your own way and allow the story be what it wants to be Trust me. For me at least, they come out much better that way.

I've also decided to do a quick check to see where I'm at in this challenge and was shocked to see I've seem to have fallen behind a couple stories, I know I've missed a couple of days here and there but I'm not that far behind. 365 stories in one year is a lot of stories and it doesn't leave much room for those kind of screw ups. So I'll be adding a few extra from time to time. A friend of mine also told me that there going to be some days where I'm not going to be able to write and that one story a day is not going to be enough at times or I will fall short of my goal, He said the best thing to do is write ahead for a few days here and there and that will put me ahead of the plan and will compensate for the non writing days, Even the best of the pulp writers had some non writing days. Not many   but they do happen.

The story I wrote today has been sent off to Daily Science Fiction so we'll see what happens with that.

If you are reading this blog and following along I thank you very much for taking the time to read it and I only hope you've enjoyed at least a few of the stories.

Till then

See ya tomorrow

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