Saturday, August 13, 2016


This prompt was to write a brutal story about a ride at a fair.  So, relax. Hold on. This one is going to give you a ride you will never forget.


A cacophony of screams filled the night air. The various rides giving the ride of their lives. A ride they will never forget.
Every time she was at the carnival Janet's stomach always rumbled. Plus her kids were always hungry. Though it was expensive, one couldn't take your kids to the state fair and not eat any of the goodies.
Just wouldn't be right.
Sometimes money is meant to be spent and wasted on what she referred to as feeding your soul food. Kick all the health nuts to the curb with all their you should eat this and you shouldn't be eatin' none of that.
Get it out of there.
Sometimes you just gotta eat it.
Who care. You only go around once in this world.
She loves the sound of the the music playing form the rides mixed with the rhyming voices of the carnies working hard to get you to wastes money on the games that unless you know the tricks you have a very slim chance of winning.
She'd rather spend the money on the rides and let her kids have some fun.
“I wanna ride that one, Mom?” Her son Sam said,
He pointed to the Death-A- Twirl. Watching it go round and round.
“Doesn't look too bad. Looks sort of like the scrambler.”
“Cept it's faster.”
Kids raised their arms on the ride as it went around and did the loopty loop.
Faster it went.
Zipping in and out looking like it was about to crash with another cart.
“Can I rid it, Mom?”
“Don't see why not. Looks harmless enough.”
“Wanna ride it with me?”
“I think I'll pass. My stomach ain't what it used to be. You have fun.”
They watched as the ride came to a stop and everybody stepped off.
She got Sam in line and stood off to the side by the rail so she could wave at him as he passed by.
The carnie took Sam's ticket. He had no teeth, and his dark leathery skin showed that he'd been at his game for a while.
“Have fun,” he said.
She found his voice haunting. But these rides were harmless enough.
The ride was a cross between the Scrambler and the Octopus, The carts went high, turned and swooped down like tendrils of an octopus. The background displayed a ship out at sea being engulfed by a giant octopus. In the picture the crew on the deck was stabbing at it with spears as they appeared to be trying to free one of their crew members from one of its tendrils.
The carnie walked around. Checked the locks and made sure their seat belts were on properly.
The music began.
The carnie moved the lever forward.
People sat in their seats already screaming with anticipation.
The ride went around and around what first started in a slow rhythmic motion as it seemed to be easing the riders in slowly before it opened up and gave them its best.
The carnie grinned as he watched the riders. Moving the lever forward.
Speed increasing.
Carts swooping in and out.
She waved as Sam as he passed by but he was going way to fast for her to see him. Plus he was holding on for dear life,
The gears on the machine grinding rhythmically. Lights flashing to the beat of the music,.
The carnie laughing.
People screaming.
By now a line formed behind her as other potential riders looked on with amazement.
The carnie moved the lever forward.
Speed increasing.
Gears grinding so hard oil sprayed out onto the crowd.
“That's too fast!” she heard someone scream.
“Slow it down!” another said,
The carnie watched on. Laughing.
His crooked callous fingers pushed the lever forward more. Laughing as if in a state of hysteria.
The riders were no longer able to raise their arms like they were used to. Their fingers gripping the bar.
“Hold on, Sam, Should be be over in a minute.”
Sam's expression was opened mouth. Eyes wide. Tears streaked down the side of his cheek.
“Stop! Stop the ride!” She screamed at the Carnie.
The carnie started straight ahead and seemed to not hear her.
He moved the lever forward.
The ride going faster and faster.
Sam's cart going up up and up. Swooping down so fast he rose up from his seat.
Carnie laughing. Increasing speed.
A handrail form another cart soared off and smacked into the carousel into a couple kids on the horses who just happened to be the unlucky one.
The rider's arms flailing as they desperately searched for something to hold on to,
The cart soared up. Came down with a crash flipping the rider out of the cart.
Sam's cart moved crooked and was way off balance. She could see the bolts were coming lose.
“Stop this! Somebody stop him.”
One man rushed the carnie but the carnie punched him in the mouth with such great force that it knocked the man out.
Gears grinding.
Oil splattering.
Blood spraying as one of the riders smacked their nose into the rail.
Another cart worked lose from its bracket and flew off smashing the hot dog tent.
“Hold on Sam. Please hold on.”
The carnie pushing the lever more.
The carts were noting but a blur. She couldn't see Sam.
Her eyes searching for the carts as she watched another body soar off. Her eyes trying to focus on the flying rider hoping it wasn't her son.
Other people tried to rush the carnie but he displayed such paranormal strength by swiping them away like they were ants.
“Please. Stop this.”
The music now shifted to a dark demonic tone. Lights blinking in an unrhythmic fashion.
One of the arms flew off. Attached to it were two cars.
The two riders, a young boy and his sister, screaming as they soared through the air.
She saw the carnie's laughing face. His eyes were all pupil. Skin was now white.
Smoke billowed from the center as she could smell something burning from inside, It was that same type of smell that day that she took her car in for a quick oil change and they forgot to put the oil plug back in.
An explosion erupted sending the blinking lights in the air,
Arms and legs flying high.
Carts whistling away into the night,
faster and faster the machine went. She couldn't understand how something like that could still be moving. But this wasn't a machine from this earth.
Nuts and bolts flew off as the octopus unmounted itself and soared into the air and was now hovering above the fair.
She could hear the cries of the riders as they screamed for help.
The octopus flying further and further away.
It's lights still flashing. She could still hear the music
Sam was crying for his mom.
The carnie at the control booth was gone.
And all she could do. All any of the parents could do was watch their kids being carted away into the night.

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