Wednesday, August 3, 2016

story #24

This prompt was to have a serial killer cut out tongues and do something unusal with them. So  I came up with this one.


I grab hold of the slimy little creature and give it a good healthy
twist as I sever it as far back as I can go.
The blades cutting through the skin, crunching like cutting gristle
from a chicken bone.
He gurgles as blood splatters to the back of his throat
making him talk like goat.
His scull sounds like a nut cracking as I whack
him in the head with my mallet.
Eyes roll to the back of his head.
The tongue is mine.
I stitch it onto my hand. It is big and fat and wiggle
back and forth.
Its veins pulsating as they adjust to their new home.
I tell the receptionist to send in the next victim...
I mean client.
She is a young girl and her tongue looks like cherry on top of
ice-cream sundae.
So sweet... So delicious
I tell her to sit back and relax. This won't hurt
a bit.
Her eyes move back and forth in short rapid successions. She is trying
not to show fear.
But I know she is afraid.
I chuckled as I reach in and grab the slimy creature,
giving it a good twist and I start a slicin'...
her eyes widening as she suddenly realizes what I'm doing but she
can't do nothn' bout it cause I have her strapped down.
I repeat this for eight more times. Till finally I have enough and I stitch
them onto my hand.
I wave them back and forth Freddy Kruger style and
Squeeze them into a fist.
I wiggle them all around and go out and give people
high fives in the street.
Watching their faces is so neat.
Worth every bit
Saliva oozes between my tongue fingers. I have
tongues from all across the globe.
Spanish, Italian, India
I have to do a lot of traveling you know.
My finger tongues tastes everything they touch, it is so awesome.
I can tastes the receptionist when I touch her. Letting my tongue fingers
comb through her hair taking in every bit of her flowery sweet fragrance.
These will be good for now at least till the saliva
dries up.
And I'm gonna have to move to a new town.

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