Monday, July 11, 2016


Prompt # 5 is to script  an instant message with the prince of darkness.

I had a lot of fun with this one. At first I didn't have a clue how to do this but like most writing projects it ended up working itself out, Originally I had a pretty nice set up with some neat sound effects but it didn't work out on my blog. Probably need one of those power point presentations or something


[Satan0666] hi Herbert thanks for following.
[herby] who's this?
[satan0666] this is satan
[herby] sure it is.
[Satan0666] no, really. Surprised?
[herby] kinda. Your screen popped up and caught my attention.
[satan0666] it's nice to meet you finally.
[herby] R u really the devil?
[satan0666] of course. U don't believe me?
[herby] I find it kinda hard to believe I'm chatting with the actual devil.
[satan0666] t's me in the flesh.
[herby] show me a picture

[herby] k then, if u r the devil make the lights blink.
[satan0666] how's that?
[herby] that was awesome.
[satan0666] convinced?
[herby] I don't know. Not sure.
[satan0666] what else u need me to do?
[herby] let me hear a sound from hell

[satan0666] convinced yet?
[herby] ok now this is getting weird.
[satan0666] weird is my business.
[herby] r you able to see me?
[satan0666] no. lost that privelege when I was kicked out of heaven
[herby] that's what I thought, wasn't sure. Can I ask another favor?
[satan0666] go for it.
[herby] would u mind blowing up my neighbor's house across the street?

[satan0666] blow up yet?
[herby] did it ever. Firetrucks and flames r everywhere.
[satan0666] of course. Flames r my favorite. The hotter the better I say.
[herby] I'm with ya on tht one. Been wanting that creep to die. Hooray.
[satan 0666] glad I can help.
[herby] more than u know.
[satan0666] is there something else?
[herby] well, its kind of a big request.
[satan0666] try me. big is my fav.
[herby] k, gimme a second
[satan0666] u still there Herbert?
[herby] thinking.
[satan0666] let's get on with it.
[herby] I need a million dollars.
[satan0666] just a million?
[herby] yeah, well now that u r asking make it 2
[satan0666] I can do better than that.
[herby] how bout 5?
[satan0666] how bout 2 hundred million?
[herby] k that'll work.
[satan0666] 1 condition.
[herby] u name it.
[satan0666] u have to click the accept button on the bottom right corner of my screen.
[herby] k what happens if I do that?
[satan0666] somebody u don't know will die and go to hell.
[herby] 4 real?
[satan0666] of course silly.
[herby] is it really a firey pit where you spend eternity burning?
[satan0666] naaa, that's just a myth. woud u like to visit sometime?
[herby] I'll pass. Maybe next time.
[satan0666] just kidding. Personal joke of mine.
[herby] good 1. All I have to do is click that button ha?
[satan0666] that's it.
[herby] just a second mom is coming I have to minimize u.
[herby] still there?
[satan0666] of course.
[herby] mom thinks ur a scam.
[satan0666] cause I want to give u money?
[herby] she thinks u r some kind of virus and I should x u out.
[satan0666] hope u don't listen to her.
[herby] mom dosen't know much about computers, she thinks she knows more than me.
[satan0666] most moms do. If I were a fraud I would be asking u for money.
[herby] true. Didn't think of it like that.
[satan0666] just a quick click of the button and the money will be all yours.
[herby] how's it gonna get here?
[satan0666] delivered to your door.
[herby] really?
[satan0666] absolutely, what do you have to lose?
[herby] not much. We've already lost the car since dad left us and she keeps sayin we're gonna lose the house if she dosen't hit the lottery.
[satan0666] well then there's your reason.
[herby] just a second, mom's calling again.
[herby] sorry I was gone so long.
[satan0666] good to see you back. What did mommy have to say this time?
[herby] just that its time for dinner, said I need to get off the computer.
[satan0666] what's for dinner?
[herby] cornflakes.
[satan0666] cornflakes for dinner? How sad.
[herby] all she can afford right now.
[satan0666] u r about to change that.
[herby] I think u r right.
[herby] I clicked it, now what?
[satan0666] just wait.
[herby] the doorbell just rang…. Mom's screaming….. she's calling me.
[satan0666] take your time.
[herby] I can't believe it. we really have the money.
[satan0666] t old u silly.
[herby] so did it happen?
[satan0666] did what happen?
[herby]u know, somebody sent to hell?
[satan0666]of course. Just like I promised.
[herby] ohhhh
[satan0666] what's wrong?
[herby] I'm sad now.
[satan0666] why?
[herby] somebody was killed and sent to hell. didn't even know the person and I'm sad.
[satan0666] don't let it bother u. everbody deserves to go to hell.
[herby] who was it?
[satan0666] I'm sorry, can't disclose that information.
[herby] was it a boy, a girl? Hope u didn't kill a little girl.
[satan0666] what difference does it make. I told u u don'dt know them. forget about it and enjoy.
[herby] wait a second.
[satan0666] what it it?
[herby] I wanna take it back
[satan0666] sorry, can't do that. everything has already been through the system. What's done is done.
[herby]u r signing off?
[satan0666] of course. been nice chatting with u. glad I could help.
[herby] u can't leave.
[satan0666]have to. We're done here, besides I have a new follower . somebody I've been keeping watch on for quite a while.
[herby] really, who?
[satan0666] it's not important. U won't know them.