Sunday, July 10, 2016


PROMPT #4 Serial killer's confession

This may not be the sort of confession you may be thinking. No choppers. No stabbers. Or stranglers. Though those are neat people. And they do have their place. As I was talking to this fella here, he rather surprised me. While talking with him I wondered who are you and what are you doing with this young hot thing on the table, Seems he's been up to something entirely different. A little side business of helping out the folk on the dark side.


I guess the only thing that matters is that I did it. And I did it well.
This is booming business I should say. about it now seeing that I'm old and already have one foot in the grave.
I mean really, it took you this long to catch up to me. Did you think there was a time when you were close?
What's that?
Oh, I see. You don't want me to come any closer do you?
Thought so.
Oh, of course you are. You should be. Cause I'm me.
Me is dangerous.
I'm a vicious and disturbed creature.
Wait.... What is that?
Ohhh, that's nobody. Don't worry bout that.
You know you look so good lying on this table. Your skin all Panama Beach tanned up. Long black hair. Cherry red lips.
Would you care for a drink?
Scotch and soda. That's your fav isn't it?
Of course it is. Sorry, not while we're donating.
What's that?
You wonder how I know?
Silly you. You know I've been following you all this time. Last two days. Till finally I couldn't take it anymore.
I followed you all the way to your boyfriend's house and watched you make love on that raggedly old couch of his.
I thought what a disgusting way to treat my girl. He shouldn't make you lie down on something so filthy. Young hot thing like you deserves the best.
Nothing but the best.
Don't pay any attention to that dripping you hear. That's only your blood being drained. I'm collecting it for future use.
What am I going to do with it?
I sell it to the vampires. Isn't that a real kick in the head? Make a good penny off it too. Three thousand bucks a pint. You'd be surprised what vampires are willing to pay for a pint of blood.
We're preparing for a customer now.
Oh, dear. We better get a move on. He's going to be here to collect in ten minutes.
Oh don't you worry. It'll all be over shortly. Won't last much longer.
It's going to be nice and slow.
Soon you're gonna feel dizzy, then a bit sick at your stomach. Your intestines are going to rumble a bit a the feeling of nausea sweeps through your veins.
You're going to have an extreme headache. First it's going to come upon you nice a slow. Then it's going to throb so hard you're going to her you're heart beating in your temples.
Don't cry.
You're mama didn't love you anyways. If that helps at all. And once she finds out that you've been banging around with other bo's she gonna be ticked off with you anyway.
You see, I live just down the street from you. Of course you knew that already. Didn't you? You recognized me the second I took the blindfold off.
I saw your eyes.
Now just stay calm. Gonna take off a little sliver here. He likes a sample before he buys.
Now you just hang on. Don't go nowhere. I'll be right back.

OK. Where were we?
Oh yeah.
I've got great news. He loves it! He love you!
Isn't that the bomb?
I know. It's not really important to you. You really don't care.
You should.
Cause if he didn't like you I was going to have to discard you and I really don't want to do that.
Diablo. What is that you're barking at?
Wait a second. I'll go check.
Excuse me a second. I'll be right back.


Sorry hat took so long. I know this seems like it's taking forever. I can't believe how business is booming. Would you believe that was another customer? She's down there waiting right now. And she's a virgin. Which means I can sell her for more.
Virgin blood for vampires goes top notch.
$6000.000 a pint.
Not like you.
That's okay.
You're still pretty clean. Had to snag you before others contaminated you though.
It's tough finding young virgin girls these days. I mean it's like really really tough. Like almost impossible and stuff. Seems like all you guys do is party, smoke pot and spread your legs.
Only live once, I say.
The world ain't doing so hot so we never know when our number is going to be called.
Looky there. Does Diablo want a piece? Ha? Does my pretty boy want a piece?
Hold still darlin' while I cut Diablo off a slice.
You don't mind do you?
I didn't think so.
Stay calm. Just a little chunk off the old cheek bone here.
Niiiiiiiiice and easy.
Woooooo, look the way that knife just slices through your skin like butter, Blood oozing out from under the blade.
I know you barely feel a thing. Just a little burning sensation.
Settle down, Diablo. I'm getting' it.
There you go boy.
Wow. Look at the way he chews you up. Isn't that awesome? He loves every bit of you, doesn't he?
Of course everybody love you sweetie pie.
Almost there. Just change out this bag and replace with another.
One more to go.
I've got to travel all across the country to have a night like this. I mean, to get gals like you suitable for business.
Not easy as I've said.
But been dong this for thirty years. Nobody has said a thing. Oh there's been those missing people reports and stuff but nobody suspects anything from me.
I'm just a crusty old man in his late seventies now. I got one leg, I'm blind in one eye and as you can see I'm overweight.
A job is a job.
Back in the day I used to be an exterminator. I liked that job a lot. Didn't like dealing with the management though. Worked for a popular nationwide company. To be honest with you. They're too big for their britches if you ask me. They think they're all that, the bag of chips and the soda pop.
Then I fell into this sweet gig.
How did I do that?
You see that's the good part.
I had to exterminate a vampire's coffin for bed bugs,
Yeah. Ouch.
They were all in his cushions, in his pillow case. They never hurt him of course but he did find them most irritating.
I'll pay you double the price if you can get rid of my bugs tonight while I work.”
“Ok,” I said. “I'll do my best.”
“You do that,” he says. He flaps his cape and just before he flies out the window he says. “I'll be back.”
He told me he and his friends were having a hard time finding some good blood and asked me if I could get some he'd pay me a handsome price,
And that's how it started.
Pretty sweet gig I say.
See those saws over there?
Yeah, that's where I'll run chop you up into pieces once your blood is drained out and we're almost there actually.
I'll fee most of you to Diablo. He's always hungry and has to have fresh virgin meat. It's sweeter and healthier for their bodies. Good for the hair too. Makes their hair shiny. Diablo has so many allergies.
Would you believe it. I took him to the vet and had one of those allergy test things done. Ahhhh, yeah. Found out he's allergic to just about everything. That means grass, wheat, all kinds of grains.
And what do you the number one ingredient in dog food is?
Grains. That's right.
Makes him itch like mad. Scratches himself all raw where he tears off most of his hair. Breaks my hear to see him scratching so furiously.
Ain't much I can do about it.
I did discover this special kind of soap that is made with all these special kind of herbs and stuff.
Yeah, work great.
Down boy. Down. I'll let you have her in a bit.
Ahhhh. Looky there. You're starting to feel really tired, Having hard time letting go?
Yeah, that's the toughest.
They all have this problem.
Nobody wants to let go.
It's scary to die. Really don't know where you're going to end up.
Or hell?
Or is there such a thing. Nobody has ever came back to say anything.
You'll find out soon.
But then again. You really haven't been a good girl. Been naughty.
Oh, c'mon. Don't look at me like that.
You know it's true.
Thaaaaaat's it.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Ohhh, yeah. This is going to be so good. Just how he likes it.


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WilliamR said...

I didn't understand the confession part. Sorry. I did like this: quote I had to exterminate a vampire's coffin for bed bugs unquote.
I'll have to read a second time.