Thursday, July 14, 2016


In this prompt something unusual has to happen during a crash.


Her gray silver bullet blended well with the morning fog. Perfect. This time he won't see her coming.
It was way too early to be out. Hardly anybody on the road.
Cept for one person she knew of.
This was his time.
His day.
She saw him walking along the road out for his regular walk. She told herself it was okay what she was doing. She had every right to do this for what he did to her. Even though it had been several years ago those images never go away. They haunted her over and over.
Now , it was her turn to do the tormenting.
Take care of business once and for all.
She pressed down on the accelerator. Feeling the speed in her hands. It was all in her hands.
She was the new God.
Now, she was in control.
The engine roared as she picked up speed.
He turned. Eyes wide. Mouth wide.
His screams echo through the fog. Fading into nothingness.
He makes his move.
He pulls a gun.
She swerves. The tires hit gravel on the shoulder.
Wheel vibrates in her hands. Then she gets back on the road.
Two can play that game she says.
He stands in the middle of the road in her rear view mirror.
Not this time, she says. Then brakes. Reverses and backs full speed,
He darts out of the way and disappears into the wooded area.
She curses herself for missing again and again.
She thinks next time I need something bigger, Meaner. Need more power.
Yet, how can somebody get away with so much. He escaped prison. No jail time. No nothing. Now he even manages to evade her.
Her heart beat quickens as sweat lines her forehead. Her palms sweating as they grip the wheel.
Her tiny Accent cuts through the fog like butter right into on coming red lights.
She hears the engine hesitate. Putters and dies.
Headlights approach her from behind followed by the sound of a roaring diesel.
She screams but she is screaming into nothingness.
The truck horn roars.
Tires screeching.
But the truck cannot stop in time. Instead it plows straight through her, She yanks herself out of the car and stands at the side of the road just before the truck collides with the Accent. Instead it cuts straight through.
Sounds of metal on metal. Screeching tires. Smoke. Crunching.
There is no damage. Only sounds.
She sees the driver looking in his mirror. The air compressor hisses as he pulls his truck over. He thought he saw something, His eyes told him he did. His eyes told him he just plowed through a car. She could tell he was having one of those, did I just see what I thought I saw moments.
That was okay. Tomorrow was another day. Sooner or later she knew she was bound to catch up to him. After all. She had nothing to lose.

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