Tuesday, July 12, 2016


This one was to write a tale  along some kind of theme of an effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible. So, this is the way it ended up.


I've looked out the window and could never see anything but something was there. It was the scratching on the walls and beneath our floor was what had my wife, Janet, and I so concerned. She was afraid some kind of animal would come through our walls or floor and get into the house. These noises had been going on for over three months now. Three months of robbing us of our rest and along with some of the other bedroom activities that she would kill me if I mention them.
The entire town is on high alert because something is running around out there killing people.
Ole Henry, God rest his soul, was found mangled in his living room. Everything was covered with blood splatter and there were claw marks on his wood floor. Then just last week around mid-night, the widow, Martha, was found decapitated and her torso lying in the middle of the yard.
You can see why Janet and I are up at arms over these things.
Having enough I decided I was at least going to make an attempt in order to see one. I sipped the rest of the coffee, grabbed my rain jacket and headed out the door.
The wind was picking up as a bad thunderstorm was due to be rolling through within the next twenty minutes as per the weather channel. I smelt something rotten. Like some kind of animal had died around here.
The windows rattled as thunder echoed over the fields followed by a crash of lightening. The seconds between the two were getting shorter which means the storm was moving in fast. I shined my light over the cornfields but nothing but the stocks waved back and Henry the ole scarecrow who'd seemed to have lost his touch with scaring the crows away. Now they perch on his arms for hours. I'd been meaning to replace him, just never got around to it. Too many chores to do out here on the farm and way too much to try and keep up with and at my age those kinds of things creep upon you like a ghost.
The screeching was getting louder and I could tell they weren't too far away so I ran back into the house to find my worried Janet, standing in the kitchen stirring a cup of tea.
“Did you see anything?” she asked.
“I didn't see nothing.”
I didn't want to tell her I got scared out of pants and ran back inside. But I think she knew that.
“They're out there, aren't they?” she asked.
“I think so. There's an awful lot of hissing and screeching going on.”
Later that night the odor became more foul and the scratching more loud. It didn't take much for me to realize I was way out of league on this one and was going to have to suck it up and all my man hood and call an exterminator. I knew it was going to cost a good penny.

The exterminator came out of the crawl space covered in mud and cobwebs. He had been down there for almost an hour and I was getting concerned.
He brushed the rest of the dirt off his coveralls and wiped the cobwebs from his face. He didn't see anything down there but he did say there were a bunch of scratch marks all over the joist as something was obviously trying to get inside.
Images of Henry and Martha and their mangled bodies flashed through my mind as I told him what had been going on. He didn't seem at all surprised as he listened and replied that they'd been getting a lot of calls about creatures running the streets at night. But like me, they've yet to see them too.
He said the crawlspace door was latched shut and there didn't appear to be any damage around the side of the house. The soffit looked fine and still in good shape. The vents on the roof were secured.
A lot times the creatures will rip those vents in order to gain entry into the home. I had to admit, that crept me out quite a bit as I explained that we'd been hearing things on the roof. Like somebody up there walking around.
What I was wondering was how do you kill these things?
Shoot'm was what he told me.
That seemed fair enough. I was sure I could handle that.
Turned out he didn't charge us for any of the inspection. I thanked him and he told me just be on the lookout.
From what he heard he told me they resembled a rat but the teeth are much longer. They're used to living around humans though they tend to be shy if their population is low.
You'd think he was talking about rats, except when he started talking about how they hang from your rafters in the attic and can live in your walls. I've never heard anything like that. Something fishy going on with the supposedly secret labs that's hidden beneath the city.
A fiend of mine went down a hole one night to check things out to see how true it was. We both wanted to know. When he came back up he was covered in dirt and smelt like a sewer. He said there was a lot of things down there.
I asked him what he meant by things and he said creatures with long slender rat like bodies and there was tunnels going every which way like a maze. He was scared to go to far for fear of getting lost.
Sewage dripped from the concrete ceiling as he walked along a narrow steel catwalk that led off through several dark tunnels.
He went around a bend and heard something growl. Thinking that it probably wasn't a good idea to continue in his search he ran back through the tunnel.
He heard rapid moving steps behind him and they were getting louder.
He ran as fast as he could, sewage water splashing up on his legs. His socks soaked with the slimy sludge.
The thing behind him getting closer and closer.
At first he said he thought he lost the ladder because everything was so dark and he was expecting to some beam of light emitting from the ceiling. But then a little further about twenty yards down he saw the ladder.
The thing getting even closer.
His feet were on the fifth rung, there were thirty rungs total, when he felt something grab his ankle. He yelled but he knew nobody was going to be able to hear him with all the traffic sound from up top.
He kicked and fought and fought but whatever it was had a good hold on him and almost yanked him off the ladder. Somehow he managed to grab hold of a rung, kicked at the thing furiously and managed to climb to his escape.
He says you wanna talk about a close call. Those things ain't nothin' you wana be messin' with.
He showed me the claw marks on his legs.


We woke to the sound of heavy thrashing just outside our window.
“Did you hear that?” I asked . I nudged Janet. She mumbled a few words in her pillow.
“What is it?”
“It's them again. I think they're here.”
“What's that?”
“Those creatures.” I gave her another nudge. That one must've done it this time because she jumped right out of the bed as if there were a fire.
“They're here?”
“I think so.”
I climbed out of bed and looked out the window. I could hear them screeching but still couldn't see a thing through the fog. I smelt that same foul odor that I had smelt earlier. I realized then that it was their odor emitting from their bodies. It took me a while to put the two together. Every time they were near by we smelt it.
The odor wafted inside the house so heavy it made Janet vomit. She was literally sick for days over it. This happened every time as though she'd developed some sort of allergic reaction. She'd lay in bed for days because of it. It seemed like it took forever for it to clear her system. Honestly, I wasn't feeling too good myself.
Her skin turned more white than ever and she took on a nasty fever. Her body began to dehydrate because of failure to be able to keep anything down/
It had been raining a lot out here lately and the weather has been screwed up. Coupled with the humidity and the cool front coming in it's going to be this way for a few days.
The screeching was so loud it made the hairs around my neck tingle.
“What are we gong to do?” Janet asked.
“Gonna be prepared.”
I grabbed the shotgun from the rack and made sure it was loaded. I had an extra box of tucked away in a drawer which I'm glad I saved. With all that has been going on these days it's wise to keep a firearm at the ready.
A short while later it sounded as if they were two dogs fighting. We could hear them growling and tearing at each other then followed by howling. They sounded like a pack of wild dogs.
Most likely this was also probably their mating season because that's what it sounded like.
One of them banged at the front door so loud that it sounded like it was going to rip if from its hinges.
I was ready for'm though. I stood in front of the door locked and loaded. There was no way those things were going go get through.
I waited and waited expecting something to break through the door so I could shoot it once and for all. But nothing happened.


The following day we woke to the sound of birds chirping at our window. A welcoming sound after a long hard night.
I decided to go outside and have a look around. When I opened the door I was immediately taken back by that foul odor the creatures left behind.
Janet begged me to close the door to prevent the odor entering but it was too late. The odor was so strong it always managed to seep in between the cracks.
Large claw like prints surrounded the house. And part of the siding had been torn away leaving a trail of long gashes in the siding.
I had been right all along thinking that they'd been trying to get inside. Those things need to go straight back to hell where they came from and I'm just the man to see to that they do. Somebody has to do something or these things are going to destroy us all.
I don't know how that exterminator knew what those things looked like when you can't even see them crawling around. It just didn't make any sense.
This happened for several more nights after that one. It seemed as though they were never going to go away. We've lost hours and hours of sleep and Janet is down with that fever again. I knew I had to do something or they were going to kill my wife.
But what? What was I going to do?
I couldn't see them. Yet, they walk around my house every single night tearing off chunks of it and leaving their clawed prints in their wake.
I came up with an idea. I was going to set a trap like I would for a pesky coon.. Once I trapped him, I would be able to study the creature and would then be able to fix the problem should it rise in town again.
I just wasn't sure how big of traps I needed. From what the exterminator told me it was probably the size of a coon or opossum.
That afternoon I set more traps around the house. Six of them. They were sure to hit at least one of them.
Outside it stank even worse than before. The only thing I could think of was that they were marking up territory. I became furious because they were claiming my house as theirs and I knew they weren't going to stop until they got it.
I had my traps set by nightfall and I was ready for them.
Sharp pains attacked my stomach that night. It was like somebody reached their hand inside and was yanking my guts out through my butt-hole. My stomach rumbled and I burped up the aroma of that odor.
All I wanted to do was puke. If I puked I would feel better. When I did it made me feel worse and I cold feel sweat on my forehead.
I layed down and hoped it would pass in the morning.


As usual I was woken by the same guttural and screeching. I told Janet I was sure I had one in the cage. I jumped out of bed and threw my robe on and headed out the door looking forward to my prize.
Only I found out I was the one shocked. All of my cages were twisted and tossed about the yard every which way. All my hard work had done absolutely nothing. My efforts were a failure.
So bad I wanted to capture these things and put an end to them once and for all. Perhaps send them to science once I have my way with them.
The house reeked of the foul odor. It was clinging itself to everything. The fabric of our sofa was contaminated with it along with the carpet. The walls were beginning to collect a thin yellow film as if you walked into a house with a heavy smoker.
My stomach was becoming weaker by the day and it was to the point I could no longer take it. I threw up everything I ate that night in large heaping chunks. Then when I thought I didn't have anything else to puke out it turned to blood. I kept telling myself it would pass but I knew that was a lie.
While Janet was upstairs sleeping there was no way I was going to be able to rest so immediately I started on the cleaning duties hoping I could get the odor out of the house before Janet wakes.
I scrubbed and scrubbed the best I could. It was almost impossible for me to keep my strength up as I tried several different cleaning solutions but nothing helped. The odor becoming more foul by the minute.
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. The creatures had won. I was at my ends over it and decided we were moving out. That was the only way.
I went upstairs to share the news with Janet and found her lying in bed white a ghost. Her lips purple and blue rings around her eyes. Her eyes were wide open staring at nothingness.
She had died. From the looks of it she must've passed early in the night long before I had got up to check the traps.
I took her in my arms cursing the creatures. Holding her tight I prayed for God to take her soul. This was not a fair way to die. The odor emitting from the creatures had taken their toll on her body.
I knew it wasn't going to be long before I go as well.

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