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Story #19 There's a man on that street that eats the neighborhood children

This prompt was to write a story about what a cannibal's dinner would taste like. It took me a while to work up to it in this story but it ended up working out. As I was writing I was looking outside watching the kids playing ball in the street and I thought what would happen if a cannibal lived just a couple houses down from me. This is probably one of my darkest and not so nice pieces and I think it has a lot to do with the way things are today. These days you can't really let kids play outside like we by themselves because of this very thing.


That man down that street eats children. Of course all this wasn't discovered till later till after it was all done. You wouldn't know it though. He was a quiet guy, lived there in that large house by himself taking care of his mother till she passed away from cancer just two months ago. On the appearance side he was short, shaped like an egg and had long oily hair that he seemed to never comb. He walked with a limp in his right leg. 
Just a typical guy in a small town neighborhood doing what folks in the neighborhoods do.
Cut the grass
wash his car
And sat in his garage in the evenings drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cause that's the greatest all American evening.
As far as anybody knew he never worked. Most just figured he was on disability. By nature he was friendly but one kept their distance when carrying on conversation with him because his body expelled some foul odor like mildew from a crawlspace.
Most felt sorry for him when they saw him trying to cut his grass and keep up with the yard work and take care of his dying mother at the same time. Wasn't unusual to see the ambulance in front of the house at least twice a week and he was always making frequent trips to the hospital.
It's not easy taking care of somebody who is dying.
Police were always stopping by too. Most just thought they were checking up on him because of his situation and all.
Turned out the police were checking on more than that. A
A boy went missing in the neighborhood and it wasn't the first one either. None of the bodies were ever found
Police started asking him questions. Then they started talking to the neighbors asking questions about him. Of course everybody said they don't know much about him other than the fact his mother was so sick and how he seems to be having a hard time making ends meet but overall seems like a pretty jolly fellow.
The police would nod their heads as they took all this in,
At night cop cars would sit by the side of the road on the other side of the block around the corner where they got a good view of a few of the houses because of a large field.
Everybody knew something wasn't right and right away talk was going on about some kind of killer in the neighborhood that killed that boy. And as usual people started pointed fingers.
It's that guy, not talking about the same one but somebody different. I know it's him he's always snooping around and looking out his window.
Somebody else would point a finger at somebody completely different and say no it's this guy because he's always coming home late,
Then there was this one man, an older man in his sixties who liked to play ball with the children and all the children came to him asking if he could pitch because that old man was a big baseball fan. One time a girl joined in on their group only to kept a close watch on by her mother. And the girl would be called back to her mother five to ten times and they had to stop the game every time so she could run across the street and talk. The mother asked the girl if that old man had touched her on her private parts.
No the girl said.
If he does you come along and tell me okay,
Yes mom.
And watch out for those other boys too,
Yes mom.
Yeah, he was accused by the neighborhood. But everybody had it wrong. They had it all completely wrong. And it proved to people that things are not what they appear or neither are people when they really found the truth.
From that moment on that old man got some pretty weird looks from the neighborhood. Snobby-bodies who had nothing else to do like going to a real job partook in gossip had a lot to say about the poor ole man. They talked and made comments behind his back. If those snobby women would've been the jury the old man would've hung for sure.
Things had settled down within a year and all went about their business as usual that was till a little girl went missing. She went out to play for the afternoon and when her mother went to look for her she was no where to be found.
All the neighborhood gathered around to search for the little girl, Even the man that ate the children. If only they people knew how close he really was to them.
Still they blames that ole man who didn't have a chance till cops started patrolling the streets. By then the entire neighborhood was in an uproar. People couldn't let their kids outside to play. The playground became desolate and eventually rusted away rendering the swings and round twirl unusable.
Finally that ole man got wind of what the neighborhood had been saying about him and stopped talking to people. Truth was he never would've hurt none of those kids. Kids made him happy when he was around them Later he shared how he once was married but his son had got some kind of cancer and died when he was only seven. Born with cancer, can you believe that? His wife took it so hard she went off on the deep end and shot herself in the head. Of curse nobody talked to the ole man about that. They didn't find that out till later either and did that ever put them in their place.
More and more the cops hung around asking questions going door to door but nobody had enough information on anything or about any child killer.
Apparently, the police did and came by and arrested the nice neighbor that was taking care of his mother. Wrestled him to the ground, pounded him in his back and handcuffed as they shoved him in the car.
Everybody was like what are y ou doing to that nice man. He's a good neighbor and they started bad mouthing the cops telling them they had the wrong guy and pointed their fingers to the ole man. But the ole man did the smart thing when he quit playing with the children. He did a real smart thing and kept himself locked up in his house. The police knew something about him for them to arrest that man.
Then everybody in the neighborhood talked. That poor man, He didn't deserve to be treated that way,
He does so much around the neighborhood. They have the wrong guy.
He's the nicest on the block,
he wouldn't hurt a flea.
The truth came out when the detectives searched his house and found body parts of the little kids in a freezer. They also found the head of the little boy that had gone missing way back in the fridge with the top of his head cut open and the brains gone. The truth all came out then.
Later on the news the man everybody thought was so nicey nice was confessing in front of the detectives about the murders and he talked about how he ate them and tied them up, and chopped their arms off and cut off the tops of their heads and ate their brains. He talked about how he gutted them, cut out their liver and made thin slices and fried it in a pan. He said that human liver tastes a lot like pork. He thought it would taste like chicken, Actually, the human thigh is what tastes like chicken.
He said the meat was kind of tough but it was good eats.
The neighborhood was like whoa dudes. That's some really screwed up stuff. All the while the practically ruined the ole man's reputation.
That man that ate the children was sentenced and was released after fifteen. Go figure. Of course he didn't move back to the same neighborhood. He needed a fresh start.
Five months later another child went missing. Everybody in the old neighborhood was like oh no here we go again. And all the kids were kept inside.
People had been watching him though and informed the detectives about what was going on and they wanted to try and save that lil' boy's life. Thanks to one of the neighbors who had been following his story recognized the man right away and because the child killer had to post a letter on the window of his house stating that he participated in such acts. That didn't set well with anybody to begin with and quickly drew up a red flag. , Now, had that man decided not to take that lil' boy he probably would've gotten away with everything on count of the laws. Thank God people had been watching.
And they'd been watching him watching that boy,
The way the man was licking his chops at the boy. Licking his teeth. He was a big big boy to. Not an easy catch for someone of his stature.
The was made and the police arrived as quick as a finger snap. They found the big lil' boy in the man's basement. The man was prepping the boy for a big feast.
The man was beat down again and arrested for the second time. He didn't feel any remorse for what he'd done. He didn't care about the families or their feelings and to think that in the old neighborhood where he lived people thought he was the nice guy. That really nice neighbor that would do anything for you.
The mother and father took their chubby lil' boy in their arms thankful that he didn't become dinner. They were so close to losing him that day.
As the child eater was being carted away he smiled at the mother and the chubby lil' boy and the only thing he regretted was that he didn't have enough time to cook him.

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