Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Story #17

This prompt was to take a noun and put the word kills at the end and there is yout title. So I cranked this giant killer baby story out.


People running. Screaming when the giant fella crawled through town splintering houses beneath its feet, leaving a trail of poop in its wake.
Sucking whiskey from its baby bottle.
Peeing on houses and cars.
Crushing sculls and splattering brains as it whacked people with its rattle.
Bones crushing.
Bodies popping like Star-Kist Fruit Gushers at the mercy of its two front teeth.
It played with Army choppers like they were nothing but Mattel toys.
Bullets bounced off its hide like it were a steel tank.

Then it faded quickly back into the clear blue sky. A cacophony of babies crying in the clouds.

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