Sunday, July 24, 2016

story #16

This prompt was an interresting one and one I seemed to have a bit of a hard time with, Though, that was probably due to me thinking about it too much. I had no idea what I was going to come with on this one so I did my usual , set a timer for five minutes and started writing to see what would come out and for some reason I thought about a box of cornflakes. Then I thought, okay, how about Flesh Flakes which causes your skin to fall off and float around in the air. It's supposed to be done as some sort of news report. So here it is...


The flesh flake virus has infected millions of people across the United States by the spoonfuls.
All it takes is one spoonful and you're infected,” the man on the TV said.
The virus starts on the inside and slowly eats away at your flesh causing large chunks to fall off leaving nothing but bone. It happens when you breathe in bits of flesh flakes floating in the air. It leaves you with the symptoms of allergies,
Coughing. Sneezing, stuffy nose, chest congestion, itchy watery eyes, minor aches and pains.
Then the real pain starts.
Fingers shake, the epidermal layer of your skin pulsates and small puss bubble form that burst within a couple days leaving nothing but bone. Hisr falls out then you start coughingup your intestines and you don't want to know what happens on the other end. Let's just say it's not pertty.
(A picture is shown of a young boy with the left half of his flesh gone revealing nothing but bone and where on the right side large chunks are beginning to fall off.)
The virus eats away at you till there's nothing.
(New footage shows skeletons driving to work on a Monday morning and woman skeletons carrying purses in their arms and man skeletons carrying suitcases while walking across the busy streets in New York.)
It is only a matter of time before every one of us become walking skeletons and the virus has infected us all.
And as far as we know there are no health plans to cover this at this time.
As far as we heard the President has declared the United States under a state of severe medical emergency and wishes everybody the best of luck surviving this nasty virus.
(President waves and smiles at the cameras as he is getting in the chopper)

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