Thursday, July 21, 2016


This prompt has you making up rules of a game that involves hunting humans. This is my game called SPLATTER brought to you by Splitting Headache Inc. A very gruesome game. Not for the faint of heart.  HAPPY SPLATTING


Game rules

This game is a test of skill. It will show you just how much guts you have.
If you think you have guts then you need to try this game.
Do you have skill?
Do have the stamina?
Do you like to cheat?
Do you hate to follow rules and look for any way you can to avoid them?
Do you have anger issues?
Do you enjoy smashing things?
Or love to fight.
Do you enjoy bashing faces to a bloody pulp?
Do you get satisfaction from shooting people?
Or stabbing.
Perhaps it's chopping  (even better)
If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then this game if for you. If you answered yes to all of these questions then this game is definitely for you and you must play.
(now for the rules)
First off you have to chose a neighborhood, particularly one you do not live in. Never a good idea in case there are survivors.
Each player is to select a kill card from the stack and that will be his chosen weapon. There are a total of five weapons. An Ax. Chainsaw. Machete. Nite- Stick and a hatchet. If the player does not have the weapon he is to hunt someone down who does and kill them for it. There are no exchanging weapons.
Once a neighborhood is chosen determine a date and time you will all meet. (Hint) Night time is the best as night hides the evil ways of men.
Pick somebody in the neighborhood at random. It has to be a human. No dogs, cats or any other pets. It has to be a human. Kids are fine, there is no age limit.
Once a victim is chosen you cannot change your mind about the victim.
Designate a time keeper, The time keeper is not allowed to participate in the current round he is keeping time in. He may however opt out of the timekeeper slot only after that particular round is over. The time keeper is to set the timer for fifteen minutes.
Once the splatters are in place the time keeper will start the clock and everybody will disperse. The first one to splatter the designated victim receives 1000 points.
All players are to splatter as many people as time allows.
There is no driving.
No bicycles.
All splatters must be on foot.
The player who splats the most in the time allowed is the winner and will proceed to the next round.
There must be a total of three rounds. A different neighborhood must be chosen for each new session. The killer with the most kills in all three rounds is the winning splatter.

(Score as follows.)
Victim chosen 1000 points
Man or woman age 20-30    900 points
Man or woman 30-40          500 points
Man 50-60                          300 points
Man 60 and up                   200 points
(Extra bonus points )
kid on bicycle                    100 points
grandma on walker           3000 points (This is extremely hard to find)
Old man with cane            2000 points
Anybody on a scooter       1000 points
Have fun. Happy splatting.

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