Monday, July 18, 2016


This one here was to write a story about the first birthday party of a disturbing mutant.  I pity the poor scientist who made this discovery. Just goes to show, some things are better left alone.


They walked on all fours. Observing them, from a distance the scientist thought they were insane.
He watched them quietly from the bushes. One wrong move and he'd be a goner. Immediately he took out his notepad and started jotting down notes about everything he saw. He could not dare to miss a thing.
What a great discovery. He couldn't wait to get back and show his friends. Soon they would have to come back here and observe more. Perhaps find a way to capture a couple and bring them back for a more intense study.
Their backs were arched up and very much resembled a large cat. He was certain that if they stood on their two legs they would be at least fifteen feet tall or more. Their hands were wide like bear paws and their fingers were elongated with large pointed talons. They were all naked and their penises were the size of a horse's rod as it swayed back and forth beneath them with their gait. There were four more cubs all together. Two boys and two girl cubs. They grunted and snorted through the dirt with their snouts as they searched for snacks.
They talked with each other, not with words but with grunts and barks. The boys wrestled and bit each others necks and stomachs. While the mama tended to her little ones.
The mama licked her cub's face as he cuddled up beside her and suckled the milk from her breasts.
They screeched and barked when they saw papa cub coming down the path. The path was a long winding trail that cut through the valley and was mostly used by hunters to hunt deer.
He imagine what they were thinking and saying to each other.
Did they think this was their forest? Did they like this area because it was moderately traveled with humans? Mostly lost ones or backpackers who didn't know any better.
He'd known they've lost at least ten of their family to the hunters. And when they saw them coming they ran as fast and as far as they could. To them, the hunters were evil creatures that moved around inside big machines. The machines were loud and scary and they were much faster than they were.
But he didn't feel any better about himself. Because what kind of man was he to observe such horrid behavior, witnessing these brutal killing of humans and yet he has yet to report anything about it. So far, this had been his greatest secret.
The creatures were exhausted of being prey.
That all changed when they grouped together in their large pack and attacked. That would teach them to come around their camp killing and taking them away.
No more! No more!
When they fought back and took a two legged beasts back to their camp they all feasted happily.
Humans were good eating and it appeared to be a real treat to catch one.
The pups jumped up and down when they saw papa carrying a body his mouth.
They grunted and barked.
They ran up to papa and licked the side of his face and licked the blood from the two legged beast.
Papa yanked the creature out of the way and snarled at the cubs to get.
Mama stood at the mouth of the den barking at her little ones.
The cubs stopped, danced around papa and the creature and ran back to mama where she licked their paws and the side their faces.
Papa sat his catch on the ground and howled. At papas command they gathered around the two legged beast.
Mama pushed the small cub to the center in front of everybody. She licked the creature's side and then nudged him with her nose.
The cub bared his teeth and tore off a huge chunk. The long entrails came out like a long bloody rope.
The other three joined in on the fun. Two on each end playing tug of war.
Boy cubs vs. girl cubs.
They tugged and tugged.
Boy cubs snarling.
While mama and papa watched the game. Smiling their rotten crooked teeth smile. The scientists noticed the teeth were long fangs and curved from under their lips like tusks.
It was like they were having a celebration of some sort with all the attention being on the youngest pup.
Finally the cord snapped and all four cubs fell on their backs.
Mama barked and motioned them to come forward.
The scientist was catching all this on his phone. This was going to go world wide. Never has anything ever been displayed like this before. What he discovered here was an entirely different race of humans but they walked and acted like animals. He had enough documentation for a series.
He watched as one of the cubs tore into the man's stomach while the mama ripped into the face with her tusks and punctured the eyeballs out. He could feel the bile in his stomach rise as he could no longer bare to watch this any longer.
But he couldn't take his eyes away. His eyes were drawn to the beasts and he was attracted to their nature.
Mama placed her snout over the eye socket.
He zoomed in and saw her Adam's apple moving and could hear the suckling s she sucked the juices from the socket.
Papa buried his snout in the lower pelvis, tearing away the man's private parts.
Nothing but a cacophony of grunts and groans filled the forest.
The scientist became so sick at the sight he had to take his eyes away so he could puke quietly in the bushes.
Where had this family come from and how long have they been here?
They had the man devoured in no time. Nothing remained but an empty bloody skeletal carcass.
They gathered and circled around the eaten carcass howling as if relishing in some sort of victory.
Yes, they were definitely having some kind of party.
Having felt he exhausted his secret visit he began to pack up his books and cameras before night fall or he would never be able to find his way back to his base camp, He vowed to return back as soon as he could.
He heard the sound of rustling leaves and grunting behind him. This disturbed him so much he shoved his belongings in his bag as fast as he could.
He shouldered the bag and turned around.
There stood another one of the creatures.
Teeth bared.
Twenty more of the creatures surrounded him.

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