Sunday, April 10, 2016


Got up this morning and wrote another story. This one is called SEX IN A STOLEN SAUCER WITH AN ALIEN IN THE BACK SEAT. It's pretty much about having sex in a flying saucer with an alien in the back. Kind of. Sorta.  It's about a couple who are obsessed with having sex in unusual places and make their living off of stealing stolen alien artifacts such as books written by aliens, such as the sex guide for aliens and among other things. All I need to do with it at this point is give it a few touch ups and it'll be off and running.

Also the YA Novella BattleBots is available on kindle and the paperback version will be out shortly as well.

Just recently had another tale published. A short story called HAIRY SCARY EIGHT LEGGED ENGINEERS. This one is a fun tale about giant spiders stuck on a plane and is selling well and is filled with my usual quirkiness. Its a short story for 0.99. Can't go wrong with a short story for 0.99. You an also get it at Barnes and Noble at Kobo and Apple and of course Amazon.

here's what it looks like.

Also, want to take a moment and menton a new press that is up and running called FAT LIP PRESS. They publish horror and there are some great writers there. So if you like the harder side of horror I suggest you check them out as well. I mean , with a name like FAT LIP PRESS you know they have to be publishing some good stuff. Plus I like that name. You can learn more about them here.

Till then.     Cheers

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