Monday, March 14, 2016


Didn't get that much writing done yesterday. Instead spent some time last night watching the movie Zombeavers.  If you've never seen it, you should. If you read my blog then chances are you're in to that kind of thing.
It's crazy.
Insane in every way.
The main characters are your typical college kids. Out to have a good time of party and sex. Warning.  It really is all about the Beavers. (Grin). There's even a nice little twist to the tale which I thought was a great addition. That movie was a real blast and I had a lot of fun watching it. I should warn you though, it is loaded with heavy language. But chances are young kids ain't gonna watch it anyway. Then of course it really wouldn't be a horror movie if it didn't have a bit of language and nudity, now would it?
With lots of partying.
In a cabin.
In the woods.
By a creepy lake with strange neighbors.
I thought it was funnny that one of the chicks stated she learned all about beavers in Indiana. So all you Hoosiers out there better be careful and stay clear of the killer beavers. And stay away from White River.
And if you see a cabin sitting out in the middle of nowhere and you wonder what's in there.
Don't you do it!
Don't you go in there!
But, you know better than that.

Enough of that. Just go buy the moive and watch it.
In the mean time my tale Snowrahna is coming along nicely. Plan on having the draft done this week along with an extra short story. I'm not telling you what the story is about till I'm finished writing it but the title should tell you something. It was a short story I'd done back some time ago and thought it would make a great short novel.

Till then.

Have a HOOOOOOORIBLE evening. Watch a few horror movies and read a few horror books.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Sunday morning here in the states. Just giving you a quick update on the goings on around here.
First. I've added a new follow button on my site. If you follow this site you can now have the post delivered to your inbox on your email. A lot of people seem to like this and I do this as well with the blogs I follow.  For me it's a ton lot easier than to look up the sites to see if they have anything new to say. So, there are going to be a lot of changes coming down the pike so keep an eye out. Also if you do follow this blog I'm going to ask you to please hit the follow button as well. Gives me an idea of who is actually reading this thing. Which I know people are becasue of the page veiws numbers.

Nex thing.
The book BattleBots is out on Kindle. This is a YA type book, apocalypse, robots eating people and stomping houses, crushing cars. All that good stuff. The paperback will be out soon whenever the proof comes in for me to look at and approve.

If you have an e-reader and want it now.
You can get it now.

All right here.