Monday, June 22, 2015


I haven't posted anything in a while. Some may even be wondering why I have this blog at all. Sometimes I sure do. I haven't really done a very good job of updating it either. So from now till the new year my goal is to post a little something about my writing, what I'm working on and awesome books you probably should be reading. Such as.... A great collection of stories titled STRAIGHT TO VIDEO Sorry, I have no image to show. For some reason I can't paste anything. Don't know why. Have to figure that out later. Go to Amazon and punch in the title and it will pop right up there for ya. You'll love it. Cover says it all. Really need no explanation what the reader will be getting into. Edited by Kent Hill these stories are a lot of fun, and I am sure you will enjoy these, especially if you love short stories which has made a great comeback in these days where you can have these stories at your disposal at the click of a mouse or get your hard copy through the mail. When it comes to anthologies I find I do prefer the hard copy which allows me the freedom to skip around in the book for whatever I'm in the mood for. There is something for everybody in these tales, some short, some longer, some a little longer. They are all fun. Also Riot Forge publications picked up my book RAMBLIN REDNECK BABES VS. RAGIN CAJUN TAPEWORMS. I know, crazy title, wacky story. I'll keep you posted on that one. Also Kent Hill, editor and writer at Riot Forge is starting up the third volume of the Straight To Video paying homage to the B movies and I will be writing a story for that one as well. Tons of great fun. Lots of crazy stories. Cheers

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