Sunday, February 22, 2015


Imagine yourself on a roller coaster sitting on the very top. Looking down. You're waiting. Heart pounding. You know that any second now and the operator is going to cut you lose. Heart pounding faster and faster. You can see the operator smiling because he knows you are in for the ride of your life. The ride you never expected. Nobody can prepare you for this. The operator pulls the switch sending you down down down the track, loopy loop around the bend and down again. Faster. Faster. Give me more you scream. Arms raised as you enjoy the adrenaline rush. You're moving faster and faster. Wait..... The car won't stop. God, it's out of control! No way to stop it! You hold on for dear life. Pray to god that he saves your soul and make yourself right with Jesus in case the car runs off the track sending you soaring through the air. That's what it is like reading this new book by Matthew Reilly. I've read several of his books and this one has got to be what I feel is his best. If you're not familiar with his tales this one if fast pace all the way through and does not give you time to catch your breath. The woman in this book is named CJ and she is as tough as they come as she battles for survival in this zoo of dragons. In the beginning there is a brief description of the dragons and how this zoo came about and later in the story CJ discovers something else different with the dragons. They are in deed very special. With the help of a very special dragon she saves lives, survives explosions and is everything Indiana Jones wish he could be. This story is tons of fun. Highly recommended.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Good Day

Yesterday being valentine's day, I spent the time with my wife. It was nice having valentine's day on a Saturday where I could spend the entire day with her. We brought a good friend of ours out with us to an early lunch at one of her favorite seafood restaurants. Being from New York it's very hard to find good seafood restaurants in Indiana but there are places we get pretty close. Great fun and we always include the kids in our dinners too. So it's just an all around special day for everybody.

Lately, with the help of face book I've been trying to contact a few of my best friends I served with in the Navy. I hadn't done a very good job in the past of keeping in touch and I really miss some of them. Things just are not the same when you get out in the civilian world and sometimes we don't realize how special these people were to us in our lives until you slow down, look back and remember and play that 'whatever happened to game.'  I did manage to get a hold of a couple I served with on my last ship, spoke with a good friend of mine just yesterday and boy did that bring back some memories. Another person I've tried to contact is from Jersey City New Jersey where I spent my shore duty. A person who became very important to me, but then again, sadly, I failed to keep in touch. I know there have been some years that passed and I often wondered if some of them have forgotten me. My wife told me that's probably not likely because I'm not easily forgettable. (lol). I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

On the next level things have been looking up in my writing. A few months back I wrote a short novel titled (Scruffy Redneck Babes Vs. Ragin' Cajun' Tapeworms.' Probably the craziest story I've ever written. It was great fun and I loved it. I sent it out to Burning Bulb Publishing. I chose them cause I've read several of their books and they are a good company who work well with writers. Gary Lee Vincent contacted me and said it looked cool and after talking with him he thought it would do better as a novel. Funny he should say that cause I was thinking the same thing. So, that's what I'm doing now. He told me he's going to be here in Indianapolis at the end of this month for the Culture Shock convention and asked me to stop by. He's going to be there with writers Zachary Mcgaha and John Russo. It's going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

So find some people you haven't talked to in a while and keep in touch. It really is important.