Sunday, November 29, 2015


So my father and I got to talking on Thanksgiving about Ed Wood. Though this guy was before my time, I was probably eleven or twelve in his last years so never learned a lot about this creative genius. My only introduction to him was the movie made by Tim Burton where Johnny Depp played Ed Wood. That was probably a good choice on Burton's part. I don't know of any other actor who could've pulled that one off so well.

My father remembers going to see his movies at the theaters and talked about how comical they were and we talked about how he was awarded worst film director ever at least by Hollywood standards in those days.

I became more interested in this fella, especially after seeing the movie. Normally I get the majority of my information from books but in this case it was a movie that struck my curiosity. I became fascinated with his ability to keep on trucking along no matter what people thought of him. He believed in himself and what he did and from what I've read about him so far he never let anybody stop him. This man had taken persistence, drive and determination to a whole new level.

There is a ton of advice about writing, a lot will differ from various sources because really there is no one way to do anything like this, whether it is in writing, film or any kind of art.  But all the advice has one thing they share in common.


I'm sure Ed Wood had his moments where he felt down in the gutter but I doubt he stayed there. He seemed to have the ability to pull himself out and kept on working.

Hollywood doesn't really know what they're talking about anyway and neither do critics. They just know what is selling at the time and a lot of the times they're wrong in the first place. I don't believe in critics and I don't they should exist. People, the general public will make that determination whether that time is now or later in the years. One thing is for certain is that Ed Wood did not fail to entertain. My father says he remembers everybody laughing and having a good time at his movies.



But he said they were fun and after all, this is the entertainment industry.

So I did what we all do these days and started googling stuff and discovered he wrote several short stories and novels and discovered he was quite the transgressive writer. I was really excited to come across a book on kindle called BLOOD SPLATTERS QUICKLY and I have one of his novels on its way from a West Coast book shop. There is a great introduction by Bob Blackburn who really gives you a lot of information about this man. He should be able to, after all Ed Wood's wife was his neighbor.

How cool is that!!!?

How you like them apples?

I hardly think there is ever going to be a film director as remembered as well as he was. Cause people who don't recognize his name recognize some of the titles even to this day, even if they haven't seen the movies. Of course the movie about him helped out a ton I'm sure.

Bob Blackburn also created a nice facebook account featuring little things he puts out about Ed Wood. Then I got to wondering I bet Ed Wood would really be having a grand time right now with all computer technology we have and with facebook and twitter.

Could you imagine what would've happened if Ed Wood would've believed  and taken to heart about what the film industry said about being crappy and no good and that he was the worst ever?

Throw his hands up in the air and said "That's it! That's it! Can't take it any more. I quit!"

I'm sure he had those kind of moments too but I'd be willing to bet they were short lived.

But in the end here we have a film director who is the most remembered and to this day people are still watching his movies. And his name being thrown around after all these years, well, I think that makes him the best writer, director ever.

Good thing he didn't listen to anybody.

Below is a link to an interview with Bob Blackburn about Ed Wood

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Got a start on the new story last night which is now sitting at just slightly over 2000 words. No matter how busy I am in the day it still amazes me that I am capable of writing even that. Still somehow the writing gets done. Small sessions here and there add up throughout the evening. Going well, practicing a few things.

Also a great new site that's been up and running you should probably check out called BOX OF BIZARRO. New flash fiction, has contests and other cool stuff. It is ran by William Box who is also a bizarro news reporter for Bizarocast which you should check that out as well. You can get a quick peek here.

Lots of cool stuff




Monday, June 22, 2015


I haven't posted anything in a while. Some may even be wondering why I have this blog at all. Sometimes I sure do. I haven't really done a very good job of updating it either. So from now till the new year my goal is to post a little something about my writing, what I'm working on and awesome books you probably should be reading. Such as.... A great collection of stories titled STRAIGHT TO VIDEO Sorry, I have no image to show. For some reason I can't paste anything. Don't know why. Have to figure that out later. Go to Amazon and punch in the title and it will pop right up there for ya. You'll love it. Cover says it all. Really need no explanation what the reader will be getting into. Edited by Kent Hill these stories are a lot of fun, and I am sure you will enjoy these, especially if you love short stories which has made a great comeback in these days where you can have these stories at your disposal at the click of a mouse or get your hard copy through the mail. When it comes to anthologies I find I do prefer the hard copy which allows me the freedom to skip around in the book for whatever I'm in the mood for. There is something for everybody in these tales, some short, some longer, some a little longer. They are all fun. Also Riot Forge publications picked up my book RAMBLIN REDNECK BABES VS. RAGIN CAJUN TAPEWORMS. I know, crazy title, wacky story. I'll keep you posted on that one. Also Kent Hill, editor and writer at Riot Forge is starting up the third volume of the Straight To Video paying homage to the B movies and I will be writing a story for that one as well. Tons of great fun. Lots of crazy stories. Cheers

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Imagine yourself on a roller coaster sitting on the very top. Looking down. You're waiting. Heart pounding. You know that any second now and the operator is going to cut you lose. Heart pounding faster and faster. You can see the operator smiling because he knows you are in for the ride of your life. The ride you never expected. Nobody can prepare you for this. The operator pulls the switch sending you down down down the track, loopy loop around the bend and down again. Faster. Faster. Give me more you scream. Arms raised as you enjoy the adrenaline rush. You're moving faster and faster. Wait..... The car won't stop. God, it's out of control! No way to stop it! You hold on for dear life. Pray to god that he saves your soul and make yourself right with Jesus in case the car runs off the track sending you soaring through the air. That's what it is like reading this new book by Matthew Reilly. I've read several of his books and this one has got to be what I feel is his best. If you're not familiar with his tales this one if fast pace all the way through and does not give you time to catch your breath. The woman in this book is named CJ and she is as tough as they come as she battles for survival in this zoo of dragons. In the beginning there is a brief description of the dragons and how this zoo came about and later in the story CJ discovers something else different with the dragons. They are in deed very special. With the help of a very special dragon she saves lives, survives explosions and is everything Indiana Jones wish he could be. This story is tons of fun. Highly recommended.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Good Day

Yesterday being valentine's day, I spent the time with my wife. It was nice having valentine's day on a Saturday where I could spend the entire day with her. We brought a good friend of ours out with us to an early lunch at one of her favorite seafood restaurants. Being from New York it's very hard to find good seafood restaurants in Indiana but there are places we get pretty close. Great fun and we always include the kids in our dinners too. So it's just an all around special day for everybody.

Lately, with the help of face book I've been trying to contact a few of my best friends I served with in the Navy. I hadn't done a very good job in the past of keeping in touch and I really miss some of them. Things just are not the same when you get out in the civilian world and sometimes we don't realize how special these people were to us in our lives until you slow down, look back and remember and play that 'whatever happened to game.'  I did manage to get a hold of a couple I served with on my last ship, spoke with a good friend of mine just yesterday and boy did that bring back some memories. Another person I've tried to contact is from Jersey City New Jersey where I spent my shore duty. A person who became very important to me, but then again, sadly, I failed to keep in touch. I know there have been some years that passed and I often wondered if some of them have forgotten me. My wife told me that's probably not likely because I'm not easily forgettable. (lol). I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

On the next level things have been looking up in my writing. A few months back I wrote a short novel titled (Scruffy Redneck Babes Vs. Ragin' Cajun' Tapeworms.' Probably the craziest story I've ever written. It was great fun and I loved it. I sent it out to Burning Bulb Publishing. I chose them cause I've read several of their books and they are a good company who work well with writers. Gary Lee Vincent contacted me and said it looked cool and after talking with him he thought it would do better as a novel. Funny he should say that cause I was thinking the same thing. So, that's what I'm doing now. He told me he's going to be here in Indianapolis at the end of this month for the Culture Shock convention and asked me to stop by. He's going to be there with writers Zachary Mcgaha and John Russo. It's going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

So find some people you haven't talked to in a while and keep in touch. It really is important.