Friday, October 17, 2014


Here's one for you folks to give a spin. Hold on tight as you take a trip with Gary Fry as he sends you into a galactic spin in this cosmic tale of terror. I found this story to be a lot of fun as I traveled with his character, James and could feel his uncertainity at his discovery. His smooth literary writing style fits well with the story as he weaves a wonderful unusual creature.

No. I'm not going to tell you about it because to me that was one of the surprises. You'll have to read it for yourself.  But there is a very subtle hint in the beginning.

As we are shown the horrific acts the creature is capable of there is a little switch-a-roo in the second half of the tale which I thought was excellent. I actually began to feel sorry for the creature. Seems there is something different at stake here as we travel with James along with his studies.

Very nice. Very nice in deed.

This is not a chomp chomp chomp, guts flying everywhere, eating innocent folks, swallowing' em whole type of tale. I found this to be a light, kind-hearted tale which was very nice.

Of course all good horror tales have a good ending and this one sure did. The ending made me laugh and I thought 'you sneaky dirty dog you.' This story makes for excellent reading late at night with the lights dimmed and the only sound is the soft rythmitic ticking of the clock.


Something is coming.

Best be careful.

But don't you worry. You're gonna be okay. Really you will. Cause you're gonna love it.

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