Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hey you. I know a secret.
You do? you ask.
I do. Yes I do. Wanna know what it is?...... You do?
Oh I don't know. I'm not sure you've got the stomach for it.
But I do, you say. I do. Please tell me what it is. I'm gonna pull my intestines out of my stomach and wrap them around your neck and choke you till your freakin' eyeballs pop out if you don't.
You like creepy ghostly tales by the sea?
Of course I do, you say. Who doesn't?
What if I told you your gonna read about a poor fella named Kevin Temple being afraid of the shadow that lives in his closet?
Oh, that sounds awesome, you say. Please tell me more. Tell me more.
Okay, but get ready for the crazy hillbilly tale called JAWS OF LIFE. Now that was awesome. Are you scared yet?
Yes, stop. You're creeping me out.
But you asked for it. See, I knew you couldn't handle it. You big sissy.
If that's not enough for you how about a strange creepy fowl story?
Ooooooo........ is it like the birds you ask?
Not quite.  Worse. Tons worse.
Then there's a story by Gary MacMahon. You know who he is don't you?
Yes, you say. He give me eebie jeebies.
If that gives you the eebie jeebies then you better hang on for a wild creature feature by Chrisotpher Fulbright.
Oh, I've heard of him, you say. he's pretty good.
Pretty good? Dude, this tale rocks. He's sick and twisted like you and me. It's awesome.
Then I'm definitely in. Tell me. How do I get this ever so awesome collection?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked. It's called Darkfuse Anthology #1 and they're already taking pre-orders now. It's a delightfully disturbing collection. You can check it out here. Just go ahead and click that link below. I dare you.