Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Just finished reading a good book today and I really enjoyed it. This tale has a eerie feel to it. I read this last night, late at night when the wife and kiddies were snug as bugs in their rugs, or should I say tucked in like mummies? The sound of the rain dancing on the roof tops. The harsh winter wind blowing against the side of the house gave this a perfect setting, making it a lot of fun.  This book falls into what I call 'quiet horror' as it deals heavily in the psychological aspects. I began to feel really sorry for the main character, Megan. She is alone, hurt and desperate for the love of her husband who seems to not care much for her. The creature is quiet and creepy throughout the book as the author eases you into the grand finale. This tale is a five star all the way which I highly recommend. While reading this the tale, House on the Borderland immediately came to mind which is why I think those who can appreciate the works of William Hope Hodgson and Ramsey Campbell will greatly appreciate this one.

Cheers to another great one by Darkfuse Publications.

You can check them out here.