Sunday, November 17, 2013


Coming out Dec 17 by Dark Fuse is Toby Tate's new book THE BLACK CHURCH. This tale dives into a mysterious prayer carpet. A carpet which holds secrets within its stitches.
While I didn't know much about prayer rugs, never really  thought much about them to be honest with ya, but apparently Toby Tate did and weaved an interesting tale of his own.  It didn't take me long to read this because I was hooked from the very beginning as Daniel searches for the mystery behind this prayer rug. This rug shows him faces of people who are going to die. I was so engrossed in this tale I became interested in prayer rugs and googled them. I learned there are a lot of tales behind them. Tales of mystery, and as in this story, tales of murder. It is interesting the amount of artistic talent that goes into creating these special carpets.
So if you reading this have one of these special rugs hanging on your wall for decor, you may want to look at it closely and see what secrets yours hold.
Pray. Pray long and hard that your rug has been delivered from evil.

This is a great tale I'm sure you will enjoy.

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