Sunday, April 7, 2013


Okay, here we go. Upon seeing this title I had to have this book right away. Something about a title like that appeals to me. I bought it immediately. Call me a sicko, call me twisted, I don't care. This book is pure campy tongue and cheek fun. I think you will enjoy each bite of this book as much as I did. I wouldn't suggest you try the recipes though. Though I can think of a few people I wouldn't mind cooking up and tossing in a hot pot of boiling water just to hear them scream..(grin) Come on now, it's okay to admit it, we all feel the same way.

This book is about a young boy who's parents send him to a fat camp to get whipped into shape. The diet plan and work out routine is strenuous and of course consist of a special diet. Things quickly get out of control at the camp...(there's a surprise in this part of the book) and turns into a tale of survival. I think you will find this book unlike anything else you've ever read.  This book is completely original and unpredictable. I know for a fact you've never read anything like it.

Lots of fun.

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