Sunday, December 2, 2012


Good news, I have just joined the ANGRY ROBOT ARMY where I will be reading and blogging about several of their books, several of these I have already read, and I can assure you this company produces some really fine reads which are far different from the typical well known publishing companies, you know who those are so I will not get into that. If you have never heard of this company you would do yourself a favor and visit their site, they have a lot to offer.

One book I've read recently is titled CARPANTHIA by Matt Forbeck. Now, if you know anything about the history of the Titanic, the Carpanthia was the rescue ship. But imagine this ship being taken over by vampires. Yes, Vampires were in deed on board and they were feeding on the poor survivors. This book was unlike any other vampire novel I have ever read. In fact my father is always on the lookout to read something 'different' so I said hey, try this one on for size and tell me what you think.  I found it to be fast paced, loaded with action and a lot fun. It was  humorous, spooky and gross all wrapped into one story.

If you are thirsty for a bloody vampire novel you may want to check this one out.


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